The Laurels has three comfortable lounges – all with televisions. One is generally used as a quiet room and is also used for small family gatherings. There are also three large dining areas.

The whole building is accessible by wheelchair. There are mobile patient lifting hoists and stand aids and hoists in all bathrooms.

The Laurels offers four types of bath including a walk-in/sit in bath with shower, a Parker bath, an Arjo Malibu bath that helps residents regain their independence whilst bathing, and a traditional lay-down bath.

The Laurels has its own brand new on-site laundry.

Smoke detectors are located throughout the entire home.

Outside, there is a beautiful, quiet, safe and secured landscaped garden at the rear of the home, accessible for people in wheelchairs.

There is also a safe and secure courtyard nestled in the centre of the building where residents can grow and tend plants and flowers in the raised beds.

The Laurels has its own hair salon for visiting hairdressers. A beautician is also available on request. Chiropodists visit individual’s rooms. There are regular visits from religious ministers.